Apple Ipod Touch 32gb – I think it is the worst thing I have ever purchased.

It seemed like such a good idea.  A perfect Christmas gift.  My daughter was now a teenager and the IPOD was at the top of her Christmas list.  In fact, it had been on the top of her Birthday list as well, but these devices are not cheap.  I was inclined to save some money and get a standard mp3 player, since that is what she primarily wanted it for.  However, in 2009, during a black friday sale “event” I was sucked in and ended up buying a shiny new Ipod Touch 32gb 3rd generation (it was the latest back in 2009).  It was received with great excitement.  I purchased a Apple gift card and set her up with her own account on I-Tunes.  I then purchased a gift card and sent it to her so she would then be able to purchase music she wanted.  So far so good.  In fact, for the first couple of months things went well.  But then.

The hard disk in her computer died.  Ok.  Normally not a big deal.  I’ll install a new hard disk, get a hold of Windows 7 and basically give her slightly old pc a new lease on life.  I re-installed I-Tunes and had her sign in to her own account and then connect the IPOD to the computer.  This is where it started going down hill.  Mind you, I am not a stranger to tech equipment.  I have been using PCs since the late 80s, (think Apple II, Commodore PET, the original IBM PC, Sinclair, Dragon, Commodore 64, etc, etc.)  Since then, my job has been in technology working on PCs, (MS DOS 3.1 through Windows 7).  I also extensively used the original Apple Macintosh.  What I found with the IPOD, was that it was so dumbed down that it was simply unreal.  What would seem like logic is completely foreign to this device.  Think, I have this device and I select SYNC.  It gives every indication that it is syncing, however, some engineer at Apple is snickering.

It is now two year later and after countless hours, songs are still missing or not in sync.  I want to take that thing out back and dispose of it by seeing how many times I can get it to skip on the water in the lake.